Call for speakers through BCS Dorset

One of my volunteer interests is in supporting the BCS activities in Dorset.

I am currently overhauling the operation of the Branch to achieve maximum traction and progress and welcome new contacts, ideas and collaborations. I am also keen to organise online web conferences remotely on the same lines.

Are you an IT professional interested in giving a talk to our membership? Please get in touch if you’d be interested in giving an evening presentation in Bournemouth (email FAO BCS Dorset Chair). The Branch can cover all reasonable costs for travel and subsistence from anywhere in the UK.

Our most successful work, historically, has been organising events such as evening lectures, talks and demonstrations. I’m particularly keen to get speakers to our events that are not only from Dorset, but across the UK and beyond.

CAV takedown casts spotlight on industrial scale of the problem

I could not help notice the widely publicised takedown of the counter anti-virus (CAV) Scan4You and associated prosecution. The background and outcomes from this case are a good reminder of the arms race between the information security industry and malware authors.

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Certifications: BCS CISMP

Some time ago BCS launched the Certificate in Information Security Management Principles, or CISMP. It offers a sensible syllabus and is backed by an appropriate non-profit: BCS.

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Free URL checking sites

I thought I’d pen a short post on some free URL scanning services that can helpful for the occasional malware scan or starting point for initial investigative work.

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