Information Management – much more than managing the computer-based systems

Wed 4th Jul, 7:00 for 7:30pm

Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus (Poole), KG03 Lecture Theatre (Kimmeridge House) (Map)


Several ‘fashions’ started a few years ago and swept the ICT corporate world: appointing a CIO; starting on an information architecture, then an enterprise architecture; migrating databases to relational; introducing agile development …

This presentation challenges these ‘fashions’ based on some key points:

  • The information needs of the enterprise are far too extensive to be handled by its computerized systems alone.
  • Information technology encompasses much more than computers and networks.
  • A major weakness of enterprise organization is the failure to assign responsibility for managing overall information and knowledge assets independently of the technology.
  • Information, information technology, and organization interact in crucial ways, presenting to the enterprise both substantial opportunities and substantial threats.

Traditionally, information management has fallen under the umbrella of the IT department. BCS itself has an Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group – why does Enterprise Architecture fall within the remit of BCS?

Why not an Information Biology? Are musical instruments also information machines?

Come to this presentation to stretch your mind beyond familiar territory.

About the speaker – Geoffrey Darnton

Geoffrey Darnton spent many years in senior positions at what was at one time the world’s 2nd largest computer company. He managed a European group of consultants solving some very difficult and complex problems in ways that often required unorthodox approaches. He is co-author with Sergio Giacoletto of a widely used book ‘Information in the Enterprise: it’s more than technology’. It was republished on 1st June 2018, re-formatted from the original edition. He has also spent many years in the academic world innovating education about information management.