BCS social mobility report – IT offers lower cost to entry than law

“The IT profession makes decisions on behalf of us all and so it is vital that the workforce is representative of society. As well as being inclusive of age, gender, abilities and ethnicities it needs to be inclusive of people from all socio-economic backgrounds.”  (Source: BCS Social Mobility Report)

Published in March 2018, “BCS have taken a deeper look into the ways a career in IT and Computing can support opportunities and social change. This report outlines the need for digital professionals in the UK so that the industry can grow and thrive.” (Source: BCS Social Mobility Report)

Some of the key findings that resonated with me were:

  • “IT offers comparable social mobility to the business and accountancy professions.”
  • “IT offers more routes to entry and a far lower cost for obtaining qualifications and skills than medicine and law.”
  • “75% of those in the IT profession have experienced upward social mobility compared to their parents social class.”
  • “18% of IT professionals have experienced ‘long-range social mobility’.”

You can find the report at the following link, though you may need a BCS membership in order to access it: https://www.bcs.org/upload/pdf/social-mobility-report.pdf